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Vesper Cat Furniture – CatPadz Review

Vesper Cat Furniture Range Review

There is something really appealing about the Vesper Cat Furniture range. The range reminds us that cat furniture can be very aesthetically pleasing. Vesper has certainly designed a sophisticated line of cat furniture. We love the look of it. But of course when it comes to cat furniture, looks are one thing. Performance and durability are another. We’ve rounded up some feedback from cat parents who have first hand experience with Vesper Cat Furniture pieces.

Credit: Vesper

The majority of cat parents who buy cat furniture from the Vesper range love it. And their cats do too. You always need to factor in some cat “aloofness”, as some cats seem to avoid any new furniture in the house for a while. But most cat parents find that their cats do warm to the furniture over time, if not straight away.

The Pros

    • It’s an attractive and stylish range of cat furniture
    • Great for people with a lot of environmental allergies as it is not fully covered in carpet and it is easy to clean
    • Moderately priced
    • The plush materials used on each cat furniture can be removed. That means you can clean them when they get soiled. You can replace them when they get worn out
    • These units are not massive, so they should fit relatively easily in most homes
    • Most find it easy enough to put together

 The Cons

  • Over time the sisal on the cat scratching posts has unraveled for some. This can look a little untidy. It can also create a bit of mess
  • If your cat is on the nervous side, they may freak out a little on the resting perches as they don’t have a boarder or edge on them
  • Most of the Vesper Cat Furniture pieces are too small for some adult cats. Most reviewers suggest that the furniture is great for kittens and some small to medium sized adult cats. Read reviews from other cat parents with similar cat breeds to get a better sense for whether this cat furniture range is for you
  • The scratching material shreds over time. This is true of many cat furniture brands. At some stage the scratching material will need replacing
  • The foam pads are made with 35% synthetic polyurethane which is not very cat friendly

Credit: Vesper

Some Cat Padz Hack Ideas

Not all cat furniture works for everyone. But you can make a few tweaks here and there to make the cat in your life more comfortable. Here are some Vesper cat furniture hacks to consider:

  • Put carpet or something similar on the bottom of the unit you buy. This means it won’t mark your floors
  • A few cat parents have also suggested that the unit itself can be slippery and can move around a little. Some sort of adhesive on the bottom may help with this also
  • The foam pads could be replaced with something less synthetic and more earth friendly like hemp, recycled rag or organic cotton pads
  • The pads included are “hand wash only”
  • In some models, some cats may have an issue getting onto the lowest perch and into the box – if you place the unit near a sofa your cat can enter the box more easily
  • Measure up the scratching posts to make sure they are tall enough for your cat to use easily
  • You have to assemble this cat furniture yourself. Many cat parents vouch that reviewing online videos of other’s assembling the cat furniture is way more helpful than reading the instructions included

As with any cat furniture that is delivered un-assembled, cat parents have found some of the following issues with the Vesper Cat Furniture range:

  • Boxes arriving damaged which has also damaged the unit inside
  • Bolts and screws missing from the box
  • Holes and hardware not in alignment
  • Difficult to follow instructions

Assembly issues account for a large amount of user “niggles” with the Vesper Cat Furniture range.  With this in mind, we encourage you to be patient with yourself when putting the unit together (just think IKEA style assembly angst), especially if putting furniture together is not your “thing”.

So overall the feedback on the Vesper Cat Furniture range is positive. We would love hear your experience with the Vesper Cat Furniture range? Your feedback will help others in the Cat Padz community choose just the right pad for the cat or cats in their lives.

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