Sturdy Cat Trees

Sturdy Cat Trees

What is a Cat Tree?

A cat tree is an artificial structure for your cat to play, climb, exercise, rest and sleep on. There are many other terms for a cat tree and these include cat condo, cat tree house, kitty condo and cat stand.  Click here to head to our FAQ page to learn more about cat trees and why they are an important part of your cat’s well being.

Sturdy cat trees

If you are new to the cat tree market you may quickly be overwhelmed by the choice of cat trees available to you. Whilst initially cost may be your main priority, buying a good quality cat tree will mean that it will last longer and will be a more sturdy and therefore restful place for your cat or cats to play, climb, hide and sleep.

What to look for in a sturdy cat tree

Here are the key things to look for to ensure you are considering sturdy cat trees:

Wood construction

When the main structure of your cat tree is made with wood, it is going to be heavier. Wood is more sturdy and durable than other materials such as particleboard. It is however important to note that buying a cat tree made from wood can make delivery more expensive. Many companies offer free delivery of cat trees. This is particularly helpful when you are looking to purchase a heavy cat tree.

Good quality sisal

The coverings of any cat scratchers incorporated into the cat tree should be made with sisal carpet or rope. The key here is to ensure that the sisal stays attached to the scratching post. We recommend brands where sisal rope is used rather than sisal carpeting only because it tends to be more robust. We also recommend that the sisal is heavy duty in nature to withstand your cats’ constant scratching.

Stapled carpet

Carpet is securely fastened in a sturdy cat tree. It will usually be fastened with staples. Some manufacturers may use glue. Typically this is less robust than staples. Whilst your cat will probably use scratchers a lot, some will claw at the carpet that covers the cat tree so proper fastening is essential. The whole cat tree should be carpeted. Some even carpet the base of the tree which is great for those who will be putting their cat tree on floorboards. This ensures that the cat tree will not scratch floorboards.

An important note about staples; it is very important that quality staples and workmanship are evident in any cat tree you are considering. Using poor quality staples or poor workmanship may mean that the staples will come away from the carpet and loose staples certainly pose a risk to your feline friends.

Carpeted hiding places

When there is carpet in any cat condos or houses incorporated into a cat tree, your cat will feel warm and safe. Carpet or other faux fur materials will provide a refuge and haven for your feline friend. The carpet should appear not only on the floor of any hiding places but also on the walls and roof.

Stain-resistant carpet

It goes without saying that you should be looking for a carpet that can be easily cleaned. If you invest in a sturdy cat tree upfront you want the carpet to last well. Some cat trees even come with removable materials that you can wash and clean which is obviously ideal.

Wide bases

Cat tree with wider bases are sturdier especially if you have a very active cat who is going to jump from platform to platform. Wider bases are also particularly important if you have a large cat or cats. Check out reviewer feedback on this front. Where people comment that their cat tree is wobbly, it is possible that the base of the cat tree is not large enough. Although it can also mean that the materials used to make the cat tree are not sturdy or heavy enough to withstand the weight of your cat.

Sturdy Cat Trees Summary

So there you have it. Some hints and tips on what to look for to find your cat or cats a sturdy cat tree. There are many brands of cat tree available in the market. Some are manufactured with sturdiness in mind. Others are manufactured with more regard for cost than for quality. The sturdier the cat tree is, the more likely it is that your cat will use the cat tree and feel completely relaxed and comfortable in his or her own domain.

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