Scratching Post for Cats

Scratching Post for Cats

Being given the opportunity to scratch in your home environment is VERY important for cats. In our blog post Best Scratching Posts we cover the key elements you should be looking for when you purchase a cat scratching post.  There has been quite a lot of innovation in the style of cat scratchers. You can now get cat scratching poles, cat scratcher lounges, cat scratching posts attached to cat trees, vertical, horizontal and wall mounted scratchers. The traditional cat scratching post is still a very popular choice with cat parents. This article focuses on our picks for the best scratching post for cats.

Why do cats need scratching posts?

There are many benefits of cat scratching posts for cats.  For one, if your cat is using a scratching post that means that they are less likely to be scratching your furniture! Our FAQ section covers the many reasons that cats need scratching opportunities in your home.

Scratching posts, come in many other styles including cat scratcher lounges, vertical or wave shaped scratchers, units that attach to your wall or even those that are portable.

The CatPadz Top 3 Scratching Posts for Cats

We know that many of you are looking for a very functional cat scratching post solution. The more traditional scratching posts do have their benefits. The scratching post unit itself usually has a very small footprint, is robust and is carpeted. Brands producing them tend to be reputable and proven as industry leaders as they have perfected their products over a long period of time.

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Our Picks

1.The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post (measures 16 x 16 x 35 inches) is by far the category leader in our opinion. Thousands of reviews confirm that this scratcher is sturdy, reliable and durable. It is a stand out leader in this traditional cat scratching post category by a long margin.  Click here to head to our product page to learn more about this scratcher and to read more reviews.

2. Trixie Pet Products Parla Scratching Post (Floor area: 15.75 × 15.75 inches; post: 3.5 inches; height: 24.25 inches)

This scratching post comes in second place for us. It still has a few thousand raving cat parent (and cat!) fans. The other great thing about this scratching post is that it is cheaper than the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post. This is good news if you have a lower budget in mind. Click here to head to our product page to learn more about this scratcher and to read more reviews.

3. MidWest Home for Pets Forte Cat Scratching Post (measures 19 x 19 x 41 inches)

This cat scratching post takes up slighlty more space than our first two picks but it is renowned for being very sturdy

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