Creation Core Large Wooden Wall Mounted Cat Perch

Cat loves climbing, jumping anywhere. However, the ordinary cat tree will take much space to install. Now we see the shelves which can save much space in your house, and your cat can also have good environment to climb and sleep. It is very easy to install on the wall. You can also decide the distance between the shelves and the height of shelves. Some cats and kitten may be afraid to jump on it firstly. Just please to put some food or toys on the shelves to attract them. You can also install it in the low position to make them suit its surroundings. When they adapt to the environment, they will love it very much and enjoy themselves on the shelves.


  • Size: small step: 9.3*5.7″, the thickness of the board: 0.59″, Ladder length: 31.5″; Material: wood
  • The shelf board can make sure your cat have enough space to move, jump or walk
  • The height of shelves can be determined by yourself, multi-level to fill your cat’s instinct to climb
  • High quality detailed design easily attached to the wall by screws and wall anchors (included)
  • Save your room space to install on the wall ,no worry to mess up your room anymore