Ollieroo Cat Tree Pawhut Cat Tree Review

Ollieroo Cat Tree (60 inch) versus Pawhut Cat Tree (60 inch)

The Cat Tree Battle is on – Ollieroo 60 Inch Cat Tree (left hand side image below) V Pawhut 60 inch Cat Tree (right hand side image below)

Ollieroo 60 Inch cat tree

Pawhut 60 inch cat tree

Today we are comparing 2 cat trees that are similar in many ways. Both are offered at an affordable price point and both are the same height (60 inches tall). In this sense we are basically comparing “apples with apples”.

The Ollieroo 60 Inch Cat Tree is currently heavily reduced on Amazon (as at October 2017) and the Pawhut 60 inch Cat Tree comes in around $10 cheaper (as the time of this review). Let us start by saying that reviewer feedback on both of these cat trees is very positive. What follows is a review that highlights those aspects of the cat tree that you should be mindful of in order to purchase a cat tree that is just right.

Let the battle begin!

Bells and Whistles – Head to Head

The bells and whistles on these two product are almost identical and both cat trees have the following features:

  • 1 Condo
  • 1 Hammock
  • 1 middle platform
  • 1 Perch
  • 1 Scratch Plate (note that the Ollieroo scratch plate faces a different direction to the Pawhut scratch plate)

Ollieroo Cat Tree

The Ollieroo Cat tree does have one additional feature and that is a “bottom tray” which you will see if you look closely at the picture. If you cat is known to nap in low places (near the floor) then this may be of benefit to you.

Both the Ollieroo Cat Tree and the Pawhut Cat Tree is made using the following materials:

  1. Natural sisal rope and plate
  2. Faux Fur
  3. Sisal wrapped supports which act as cat scratching posts

The cat trees are both lined with a similar thin fabric.  This is be expected  (although not loved!) with a cat tree at this price point. Reviewers confirm that this is certainly not as plush and soft as those cat trees that are covered in a good quality carpet. Take this into consideration if your cats are particularly hard wearing as boisterous felines may quickly tear through thinner fabrics.

Both the Ollieroo Cat Tree and the Pawhut Cat Tree come with a ball on a string. Now you know how we feel about those. Cheaper products are more likely to take shortcuts with adding  You should always double check to make sure that they are fastened securely and that the length of the rope will not pose any sort of safety problem for your cat. When it doubt, remove any toys to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Ollieroo Cat TreeThe position of the top scratching surface for the Pawhut Cat Tree had us a little baffled. Initially we thought that this feature was a mirror (perhaps for very vain cats??) but on further investigation we have confirmed it is indeed a scratching surface. We haven’t been able to source any significant feedback on its use but we wonder if the position is practical for cats. This cat tree does have scratching posts at the bottom though which will be very useful even if your cat doesn’t love the top scratching plate.

Some have found that the position of the cat condo on the Ollieroo is a little tricky to get into based on it’s position. Consider how nimble your cat is – risk takers may get more out of this condo than those cats of a nervous or weary disposition.

As we always say, take note of the dimensions of doorways into condos or hideways to be sure they will fit your cat. Whilst the inside floor space may suit the size of your cat, they need to be able to fit through the door first!

Sturdiness – Head to Head

In this price range it may come as no surprise to you that something has to give. In the case of these two cat trees the basic material used to make it is particle board. This does not make for the sturdiest of cat trees around. Both cat trees have issues with their robustness. Some say that the Ollieroo Cat Tree can be weighted down at the bottom of the tree (a common method to add sturdiness). If you are comfortable with this type of cat tree hack then this should not be a show stopper for you.

Cat Size Suitability – Head to Head 

At 60 inches tall and made with particle board, neither the Ollieroo 60 inch Cat Tree nor the Pawhut 60 inch cCt Tree are suitable for large cats. The entry points into the hideaways are too small for large cats as are the hammocks.  This should not dissuade those with smaller cats though. Many reviewers agree that both of these cat trees work very well for single or multi cat families. Cross both of these cat trees off your list if you have larger cats (eg Maine Coon). There are consistently positive reviews for both of these cat trees when it comes to smaller cats using and loving them.

Comfort – Head to Head 

As we mentioned in the bells and whistles section of this review, both trees are covered with a thin fabric layer (as opposed to a carpet) and as such some cats may find the surface a little hard on their tooshies, In saying that, there are rave reviews from many suggesting this is not a problem at all. You can always add your cat’s favorite rug or blanket if you have particularly discerning cats when it comes to softness to maximize their comfort.

It is worth noting here that the cat hammock on both cat trees is the most likely element to start tearing if you have a particularly heavy user. There are many verified reviews that report the hammock is however one of their cat’s favorite napping spots.

Delivery and Assembly – Head to Head 

OK so Ollieroo does seem to cop a little criticism for leaving a few parts or screws out from time to time. Occasionally some drill holes are slightly “out” also. There are similar (but fewer) reviews of this nature for the Pawhut 60 inch cat tree. In this day and age, with so many products whizzing around the world, there are going to be some errors. If broken boxes and missing “stuff” (including instructions) is one of your bug bears, then be warned. It is always good to know these things ahead of time so you can prepare to them!!

Re packaging, let’s just say that neither of these products may not win any awards for delivering cat trees in sturdy boxes in “good shape”.  Whilst the majority of reviewers don’t mention the state of the box on arrival, a few reviewers for both cat trees do cop a serve every now and again for parts and boxes being damaged in transit.

Both cat trees are fairly easy to assemble.  Missing instructions are a bit of an issue though. Here’s a link to an Ollieroo 60 inch Cat Tree YouTube clip here which shows you how to assemble the product step by step. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LoC0gjexfc

Overall Head to Head Cat Padz Verdict

Both of these cat trees get the “good value for money” seal of approval. Ah yes that old chestnut – you get what you pay for. If you have a cat or cats that are fairly small, light on their paws and not prone to use their cat tree as a SAS training facility, each of these cat trees will likely work for you. If you are prepared to undertake a couple of hacks if required on each of these trees, (like weighing it down at the base or grabbing a couple of nails or bolts here and there if they happen to be missing from the box) then both trees are worth considering given their price point. There is significant reviewer praise for each of these cat trees.

By their own admission Ollieroo says that this 60 inch Cat Tree is NOT for larger cats such as Maine Coons.  The same goes for the Pawhut 60 inch Cat Tree. We would not advise large cat owners to consider either of these options. 

If you have de-clawed cats they will definitely be gentler on both of these cat trees.  Given the materials they are made with, neither cat tree is likely to be a great option for cats that have not been de-clawed.

With a significant reviewer base the Ollieroo 60 inch Cat Tree gets our vote in this Head to Head cat tree battle. Even though you may need to spend a few extra dollars, the size of the reviewer community gives us more confidence that this cat tree will stand up well over time (excuse the pun).

Look out for bargains across a range of online and bricks and mortar stores. Obviously offers such as free shipping are a bonus to keep the overall purchase price down.

Have you got the Ollieroo 60 inch cat tree or the Pawhut 60 inch cat tree? We would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to leave any comments you have below.

Here are some more images of the Ollieroo 60 inch Cat Tree for you to take a closer look:



Here are some further images of the Pawhut 60 inch Cat Tree for you to take a closer look:


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