Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Cat Overview

There is a pretty good chance that you are reading this because you already know a lot about Main Coon cats. If that is not the case then here is a quick run down for you:

Maine Coons are active, playful, nimble, gentle and affectionate. They are an intelligent breed and can get up to some mischief as well – what a unique combination of traits. Some Maine Coons display kitten like behavior when they are fully grown. And talking of fully grown, Maine Coon cats can grow to be very long and very heavy.  Males can weigh between 12 lbs and 20lbs (or 5-10kg) reaching full weight around 4 or 5 years of age. This cat breed has thick soft hair, with short hair on the shoulders and long on the belly. Tufts of hair on their ears and snowshoe like paws. Maine Coon cats are strong and muscular.

Just because Maine Coon cats are large cats that does not stop them from being indoor cats. They will happily stay inside especially if they have a companion cat or an owner who is around to play with them. Maine Coon cats are great companions for families with kids, dogs, singles and first time pet owners. In fact they are ranked as one of the 10 most popular breeds to own. Maine Coons need lots of cat toys and some interactive play as by nature they like to hunt and require stimulation.

We have written another couple of articles that are particularly relevant to the Maine Coon breed of cat specifically:

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Maine Coon Kittens

Given Maine Coon kittens are going to quickly turn into Maine Coon cats we recommend you plan your cat furniture based on the size they will become as adult cats. Our guide to the Best Cat Trees is particularly relevant for cat owners as you will definitely need to source a cat tree that is SUPER sturdy given Maine Coon cats grow to a very large size. The robustness of the cat tree is essential if you want your Maine Coon kitten to familiarize themselves with a cat tree early in their life.

Upsize Cat Furniture where you can

Whether you are looking for a cat tree, lounge, scratcher, bed, pod, hammock, wall climbing units or any other type of cat furniture, you need to look for the largest version of each. Whilst you can buy cat furniture that is “just right” for your Maine Coon kitten now, it is going to be more economical to forward plan and buy something that your Maine Coon kitten will grow into.

Key cat furniture brands that offer larger cat furniture include:


Molly and Friends

Go Pet Club

Look under Store to see a range of cat furniture.

To see a list of popular cat furniture click here.

We recommend looking at the following areas really carefully before purchasing:

Perch sizes – your cat will be more comfortable when their whole body can fit on perches. There are often perches built into cat trees. Anticipate your Maine Coon kittens full size when measuring up any platforms or perches that form part of the cat tree

Hideaway entry sizes again, it is no good for just your cat’s head to fit through any entry ways. Their whole body needs to be able to fit in any hideaways incorporated into cat furniture. This is especially important in cat trees and cat caves.

Weight limits – this is a biggie (excuse the pun!). Cat trees, wall mounted units,window perches and hammocks need to be able to hold the weight of your cat. Maine Coon cats are indeed HEAVY. Carefully read cat furniture weight limits to make sure the cat furniture you are considering will be appropriate for your cat. If the cat furniture manufacturer states that it is best for small to mid size cats, strike it off your list immediately.

Sturdiness – the best way to gauge this is to look at reviews that other Maine Coon cat owners have written. The community of owners is really large and super generous with their feedback in online forums and the Q&A section of Amazon reviews.  You will often see reviewers make specific reference to the Maine Coon cat breed in product reviews. Most will make reference to their actual cat size in pounds.

Enjoy the journey

There is no doubt that your life will be enhanced when you choose to become a cat parent. As the owner of a Maine Coon cat you will notice that your cat furniture choices are more limited given your cat’s full grown size.  This just means that you need to take extra care and seek feedback from other Maine Coon cat parents before purchasing cat furniture. This will ensure that you make your cat’s pad a place they love and feel comfortable in.

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