Luxury Cat Beds

Luxury Cat Beds

Cat Bed Luxe Listers 

If you are a cat parent we know that you are sometimes looking for two things when choosing a cat bed. It needs to be super comfortable for your cat AND it doesn’t hurt if that cat bed is also something that YOU love to look at. With that in mind we have curated our top 3 luxury cat beds for you to consider (drool over) and save up for.  Or perhaps now is the perfect time to splurge…

Topping our luxe list is the gorgeous range of cat beds by Meyou Paris.  This range of cat beds are made of solid beech, 100% wool felt and feature a double cushion. Divine.

Image: Meyou Paris website

The Miacara Covo Cat Lounge comes in as a sophisticated and obvious luxe lister. This cat bed offers the ultimate in style and comfort and makes an iconic statement for the most discerning cat and their cat parents.

Image: Miacara website 

Our third luxe list cat bed favorite is Rufus and Coco’s Designer Pet Pod. With a machine washable cushion and an easy wipe surface, this cat bed is practical as well as stylish. There are lots of color combinations to choose from.

Image: Rufus and Coco website

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