Cat Wall Climbers

CatPadz Ultimate Guide to Cat Wall Climbers

What is a cat wall climber or wall climbing system?

A cat wall climber is a wall mounted system with a range of components typically including cat stairs, perches, hammocks, tunnels and/or ramps. This is sometimes also known as a cat wall climbing system. No two cat wall climbers are the same. Different manufacturers offer different components. The wall climbing system you choose will depend on the size of your cat or cats. It will also depend on the wall space you have available in your home.

Why are cat wall climbers beneficial for cats?

Cats love wall climbers! Why? Because they create a vertical space to explore your home from. To learn more about the importance of vertical space click here to see our FAQ section which explores the many benefits of vertical space for cats.

Cat wall climbing systems have SO many benefits. Here are just a few of those benefits:

1.They help your cat to reach places in your home that they might not otherwise be able to get to

2. They promotes activity and exercise with is very important for your cat’s well being

3.  They create great viewing spots for your cat or cats especially if you wall mount the climbing components near windows in your home

4. They offer a great viewing spot over the room or rooms in your home.  The cat climber allows them to survey their domain from a high viewing point

5. Your cat wins with a wall climbing system as they gain an awesome vertical space to explore and YOU win, as there are many very aesthetically pleasing cat wall climbers on the market

What are the top 10 things I should be looking for in a cat wall climber?

A cat wall climbing system allows your cats to literally climb your walls in style. Here are CatPadz Top 10 Tips for choosing a cat wall climber or climbing system is just right for you and your cat:

1.Decide which room or rooms you are going to mount the system into. Plan out your rooms or rooms in a way that optimizes the vertical space for your cat. Some companies may even be able to customize wall climbing units for you so if you are looking for something completely unique, see if the company you are purchasing from will customize your set up

2. Consider a system that includes guard rails for kittens if you are buying a wall climber for the kitten or kittens in your life

3. Make sure that the wall climber is finished with a paint or a gloss that is easy to clean and wipe down

4. Ensure that the climbing system comes with easy to follow instructions 

5. Research the materials used to make the wall climber. Most often they are made with wood. Confirm the type of wood, the quality of any fabrics or carpets used, the quality of sisal rope used (if any) and make sure any metals used won’t be exposed in a way that could cause harm to your cat or cats

6. Consider durability of the wall climbing system. Can elements of the system be removed and cleaned? Are any cat hammocks incorporated waterproof? Can the carpets by easily spot washed?

7. Check the weight restrictions of each component of the wall climber. This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is especially important for you to be sure that hammocks and perches can hold the weight of your cat or cats

8. Check how the components of the wall climber need to be attached to your wall. Most will require a wall stud to adhere to. Check to see how far apart your wall studs are in the room you will be wall mounting. Make sure that the wall system you choose has compatible sizing. ie your studs might be spaced out at say 16 inches although some may be 24 inches apart. Some companies may be able to customize for your room wall stud configuration

If you don’t have wall studs in your home, there are sometimes other possibilities to consider, like using toggle bolts and self-drilling toggle anchors

9. Confirm what equipment you will need to assemble the wall mounted cat climber. You will probably need a stud finder, a pencil, a level, and a drill. Check to see which specific screwdriver head you will need to mount the wall climbing system components

10. If you have fallen in love with a cat wall mounted climbing unit made in another country, check to see whether the company ships internationally. Cross your fingers that it does if you have fallen in love with a wall mounted cat climber from the international martketplace!

Here are our top 3 favourite wall mounted cat climbers

  1. CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace – Cat Hammock and Climbing Activity Center

2. The Refined Feline Cat Cloud Cat Shelves (Off-White)

If you wanted to explore a small wall mounted unit this could be the way to go. This would also be great for those who don’t have a lot of wall space available.  Comes in left facing and right facing components. Shelf supports 70lbs.

3.  Goldtatze  Ceiling – Set Catwalk Premium

Gorgeous ceiling mounted unit. This company offer a range of components including suspension bridges, catwalks, hammocks, wall bowls and decks. Goldtatze currently supply their products to most European countries. For a full list head to their website

Click here to see more cat wall climbers that might be just right for your home and your feline friends.

We value feedback on your experience with cat climbers to share with others in the CatPadz community. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below about your first hand experience with wall climbers. What do you love about them? Are there any challenges in mounting them? We look forward to hearing what you have to say. 

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