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Cat trees are a really effective way for your cat to climb vertically in your home. Vertical climbing is an important activity for the health and well being of your cat as climbing is an innate behavior. To learn more about why cat trees are important, click here. There are many cat trees to choose from in either brick and mortar stores or from online pet furniture stores. Reading cat tree reviews are helpful to decide which cat tree is going to be just right for your cat.

Here is what you should look for in cat tree reviews:

Sturdiness feedback

You want to see reviews that suggest the cat tree is really stable. Poorly designed cat trees are prone to falling over. Check out our article about what to look for in a sturdy cat tree here.

Seek out cat tree reviews from others with your breed of cat

Feedback from others with the same breed of cat that you have. Obviously if a reviewer leaves a  5 star review for a particular cat tree, you are likely to short list that option. But you need to make sure that the cat tree in question is loved by owners who have a similar cat to your own. If you can only find reviews for a particular cat tree from owners of smaller cat breeds, it may not be right for larger cat breeds such as Maine coons.


Shop around for cat tree reviews

Consider reviews from a few different websites – you want to make sure that you are seeing a range of cat tree reviews across a couple of reputable cat furniture sites or online stores. When reading cat trees reviews on Amazon , make sure you filter reviews to see those who have made a “Verified purchase only”. These reviews should be more meaningful and less likely to be fake reviews.

Social media and cat tree reviews

Use social media to find “informal” cat tree reviews. Here are a few ways you can do this:

Check out the Facebook page of any cat tree brands you are considering. Have a look around on their page to see what customers have said about that particular cat tree.

Instagram is filled with wonderful photos of cats. Many cat owners use hashtags that are super helpful for getting some feedback on the products they buy. To find some great informal cat tree reviews, use hashtags such as #cattree, #cattrees and #catcondo. You will notice that cat owners tend to include images of their cats on cat trees in those pics. If there is a cat tree you like the look of in those photos, use the Comment section to ask the owner their thoughts on the cat tree pictured.

YouTube can sometimes be helpful also. Just Google something like “YouTube Cat Tree Review” and you will see a huge range of reviews. Remember to look for more recent reviews given cat tree manufacturers often release new models of their products. Old cat tree reviews are unlikely to reflect feedback on current models.

Making informed cat tree decisions

Reading cat tree reviews will most definitely help you to short list cat trees that are right for your cat. Of course 5 star cat tree reviews don’t guarantee the performance of any cat tree. We encourage you to buy cat trees backed by a satisfaction guarantee. And of course you should also look for a tree with a warranty so that any cat tree quality issues are covered.

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