Cat tree that looks like a tree

Cat Trees that Look like Real Trees

Check out these cat trees that look like real trees

Yes. You heard right. You can get cat trees that look like a real tree.  In fact there are quite a few cat trees on the market that actually do look like trees. By that we mean, they have the structure of a cat tree with many levels but they also have fake tree leaves as well. Cats love to experience different materials and textures. Most cat trees that look like trees come with thick artificial turf on the base, soft and warm carpets on perches and smooth silk leaves.

Cats love to hide and a cat tree that looks like a tree gives your cat plenty of spaces to hide in amongst the (fake) foliage.  Some cat owners prefer something a little more natural looking in their home as an alternative to a traditional cat tree with no foliage.

Here’s a round up of what the “Cat trees that look like real trees” market has on offer:

On2Pets Cat Furniture Canopy Shelves for Climbing, Playing and Relaxing – Set of Two 

On2Pets Cat Shelves with Leaves

Go Pet Club F2093 Cat Tree Furniture, 61-INCH

Go Pet Club Cat Tree with leaves

Mushroom Cat Tree, 48 INCH

Color – Base Brown : Color – Top/Leaves Dark Green : Color – Trunk Beige. This product also comes in a 30 INCH size.

7th heaven Cat tree that looks like tree

Kitty Palm Cat Tree with Palm Top, 6o INCH

Green Carpet, with a manila rope and 2 platforms
Kitty Tree Cat tree Palm tree

What to look for in cat trees that look like real trees

Before purchasing a cat tree that looks like a tree consider the following:

  • whether your cat is likely to attempt to eat the fake leaves on the cat tree! If so, this style of cat tree is not going to be for you.
  • do reviewers suggest that the cat tree is sturdy? Is the base of the tree wide and sturdy? Are the “branches” and platforms of the tree sturdy?
  • do reviewers say that the leaves are affixed to the cat tree securely or do they fall off easily?
  • do reviewers suggest that their cat or cats can jump and climb without the cat tree wobbling?
  • is that cat tree strong enough to hold multiple cats if you are from a multi cat family?
  • are the dimensions of the cat tree going to allow it to sit comfortably in your home?

Hints and tips for getting your cat to use your cat tree that looks like a real tree

As with any cat trees, cats are sometimes a little timid or unsure about new furniture in your home. A cat tree that looks like a tree will be no different. To encourage your cat to use the cat tree, pop some cat nip or treats in the tree. Putting your cat tree near a window or sunny area of your home may also encourage them to use the cat tree.

Have you got any hints and tips for other families considering a cat tree that looks like a tree? Let us know in the comments section below. CP

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