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Cat Padz Ultimate Guide to Cat Steps and Stairs

What are cat steps (also known as cat stairs) and why are they helpful?

Cat stairs are sets of stairs designed specifically for cats to gain access to hard to reach places around your home. They are sometimes called Cat Steps. That could be your bed, one of your sofas or perhaps they are trying to get to an elevated perch.

Cat stairs are also very useful for senior cats who are no longer able to jump and leap as they may have in their earlier years. Stairs also provide your senior cat with valuable and achievable exercise to maintain their mobility and the opportunity to maintain their independence.

What you should look for when buying cat stairs

There are a few things you should look for when choosing some cat stairs for your cat or cats:

Sturdiness as with all other cat furniture your cat is unlikely to use cat steps or stairs if they feel as though the furniture is unstable

Easy assembly – most cat stairs are easy to assemble but look out for reviewer feedback and avoid cat stairs that people say are a bit tricky to construct

Check the steepness it is very common to purchase cat stairs for senior cats. That is often because your older cats cannot leap and jump like they used to. Some cat stairs are too steep for senior felines.  So for instance, many cat stairs have 3 or 4 steps. Sometimes those with 3 steps are just too steep for senior cats to navigate and you may be better to purchase cat stairs with 4 steps instead.

Check the bottom step height – make sure that the bottom step of the cat stairs is not too high, or too narrow or with steps that are too close together. Definitely consider other senior cat parent reviewer feedback before you buy a set of cat stairs. You need to look for long steps so that your cat can stand comfortably on each step. Senior cats will want a secure footing otherwise they are unlikely to use the cat stairs at all.

Quality of materials used

i. Carpet – look for cat stairs with premium quality carpet. Some manufacturers cut costs by using cheap carpet. Time and time again reviewer feedback demonstrates that cheap carpet quickly wares. Material covering the stairs should be a good quality. Faux fleece might come off, thin poor quality carpet with wear quickly. Fur can get embedded on the steps. Want to see that they vacuum well

ii. Check the quality of wood used – good quality wood will mean that the cat stairs are less likely to split under the pressure of larger cats. Some cat stairs are made with cheaper materials which may not last long under the weight of your cat

iii. Covering on any scratching posts – if the stairs you are looking at have scratching posts, look to see if sisal rope or carpet has been used. Also look to see that it is well adhered to the cat stairs. If the scratching posts look shabby before the rest of the stairs do, you will have an eye sore in the room instead of a functional piece of cat furniture

Quality of design –  some cats don’t like stair that have an open back. This can make them feel as though they might fall or tumble off

Look out for hazards – some companies use their logo plates in the cat stairs themselves. These plates may have sharp edges or nails could get caught so try to avoid stairs that include there or work out a way to make the logo plate safe for your cat to walk over.

Quality of construction – check bolts at the end of each post do not stick out at the bottom as this can mark or scratch wooden floors

Measure up – the height of the furniture piece you will put the cat stairs next to. This gives you confidence that your cat will be able to easily move from the stairs onto that piece of furniture.

Cat Stairs Hacks

Other people have made minor adjustments to their cat stairs to make them more useful in their homes as follows:

If you are concerned that your cat stairs are going to slip around, put a non-skid rug or mat underneath the stairs

If the cat stairs you choose are constructed with bolts that are exposed, cover those bolts with a soft material so your cat doesn’t hurt his or her feet

Some popular cat stairs options 

3 Popular Cat Stairs Products (an overall 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon with 500+ reviews)

Armakat Pet Steps 3 steps

These cat stairs come in 2 sizes. 7 inch deep platforms and 9 inch deep platforms

Best Pet Supplies 4 steps

These cat stairs comes in a range of colours including light brown (shown), lambswool, dark brown, animal print, pad print (black) and pad print (beige)


PetGear Easy Step 2 steps

Yes we know the picture below is a dog not a cat but these steps are very well regarded for both cats and dogs.

5 other popular Cat Stairs Products (with an overall average of 4.5 out of 5 star rating but less than 500 reviews on Amazon)

Majestic Pet Portable Pet Stairs 4 steps

These pet stairs come in a range of colours including black, gray, navy blue (pictured), red, teal and yellow


Petsfit Wooden Pet Stairs 2 steps

These pet stairs come in two colours: dark coffee (nearly black) and white

Pawhut Multi-Level Scratching Post and Stairs 4 steps

New Cat Condos Premier Post Stairs

Comes in 2 colours gray (pictured below) and brown

Has anyone had any experience with any of these cat stairs? We are particularly keen to hear if your senior cat has any experience with any of these cat stairs. CP

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