Cat Furniture for Big Cats

Cat Furniture for Large Cats

On the Hunt for Cat Furniture for Large Cats

There is no better time to be looking for Cat Furniture for the large cat or cats in your life. Why? Because the cat furniture market is developing and new brands are emerging bringing with them new designs and contemporary cat furniture pieces. Don’t get us wrong, there has been a lot of cat furniture out there for some time, but the market has been screaming out for something a little different. Many still value the functional benefits of tall carpeted cat trees and there are some fantastic companies around building high quality cat furniture such as Molly and Friends, Amarkat and Go Pet Club to name a few. You will see those in our top suggested products below.

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Trends in Cat Furniture for Large Cats

Large cats miss out on some cat furniture because some cat trees, houses, pods, scratchers, wall climbers , hammocks and window perches simply cannot hold large cat weight or height. In addition the  entry way to cat houses and hideaways are often too small for your large cat to fit into. The key with any cat furniture piece is that your cat feels confident enough to use it frequently. It becomes their sanctuary, their safe place and their playground and napping spot when this is the case.

Cat Furniture for all cats (including large cats) has moved beyond fleecy lined and carpeted cat beds and cat trees. Current trends include:

Let’s Start with Cat Trees for Large Cats Cat Furniture for Big Cats

When choosing any cat furniture for your large cat, you will need to take quite a few things into consideration. Feel free to pop over to our article about the best cat trees for large cats to learn more about each of the elements you need to consider before purchasing a cat tree for your large cat or cats.

It is important to define what a large cat is for the purposes of this article. Here we will define it as a weight of 14lbs and above. You will note that some cat furniture referenced below can hold cats up to 25 lbs!


We have rounded up some of the best cat trees for large cats here:

“Size is no barrier” category

Armakat Cat Condo 57 inches

Go Pet Club Cat Tree 72 inches

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo 75 inches

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House Furniture 87.5 inches

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree  74 inches
Notable reviewer feedback –  one reviewer had their cats weighing 14lbs plus use this cat tree easily.  Another has suggested that they had a 25 pounder sit on top of the tree but that they do not fit in the other beds. Another reviewser has had two 2 cats of 15 lbs and 18lbs use this cat tree with confidence.

ContempoCat Contoure Modern Cat Tree Tower 68 inches

Molly and Friends Four-Tier Scratching Post Furniture 66 inches
Notable reviewer feedback – one reviewer has said that they have had 4 Maine Coon cats on this one! Now that’s impressive

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower 69 inches

“Smaller foot print” category

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F49 47.5 inches

Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper  35 inches
Notable reviewer feedback – a reviewer has had 17- 23 lbs cats use this cat tree

Molly and Friends Two-Tier Scratching Post and Bed
Notable reviewer feedback – a reviewer has had a 25 pound Maine Coon on this one

Vesper Cat Furniture V-Box Large
Noteable reviewer feedback – One reviewer suggests that the top platform holds their large cat. The top platform is 16×12 inches in size. Admittedly this cat furniture is advertised for kittens and small cats but we think this is a bit of a style icon in the making

“Cannot even swing a dog in here!” category

SmartCat Cat Climber (suitable for doors from 79 inches to 82 inches)
The SmartCat Climber offers you a portable space saving solution as this cat tree can be hung on the back of a door. It is however important to note though that this product has an average of 3.5 star reviews rather than 4.5 star reviews on Amazon.

Trixie Pet Products Baza Cat Tree 20 inches
Notable reviewer feedback. One happy cat owner reports the Baza Cat Tree is great for her 14 lbs ragdoll and another reviewer reports it being an excellent choice for her 15lb cat.

The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf
Notable reviewer feedback – one reviewer suggests their 22lbs cat enjoys sleeping on this contemporary cat tree.

Cat Furniture for Large Cats (Cat Trees) Summary

We have mentioned a range of cat furniture options for large cats in this article. These are not the only cat trees that will suit your large cats but we hope that these suggestions do assist you as you shortlist the best cat furniture for your large cat or cats. All suggestions above carry a 4.5+ star customer review average (except for the SmartCat Climber as referenced above).

Head over to our Cat Trees page to see other cat trees that might work for you, your lifestyle and your cat.

Stay tuned for our top picks for the best cat furniture for large cats in the following categories:

  • Best Cat Furniture for Large Cats – Beds and Pods
  • Best Cat Furniture for Large Cats – Scratching Posts and Lounges
  • Best Cat Furniture for Large Cats – Window perches
  • Best Cat Furniture for Large Cats – Wall Climbers

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