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Cat Caves – The Modern Day Cat Bed Plus Much More

OK. So we are officially excited! It seems to us that there are a lot of cat caves around at the moment and we LOVE them! And so do lots of cat parents around the globe. Given there are so many similar cat caves around we thought we’d create a run down of the different companies, styles and pricing available. We hope this will help you to shortlist the cat caves that are just right for your cat, cats or even your litter of kittens (we know, how gorgeous would it be seeing a litter of kittens tucked up in one of these cat caves??

What is a Cat Cave?

A cat cave is a small cat bed that your cat can climb into. They are known by a whole bunch of other adorable names including cat pod, cat snug, cat igloo (one of our favorites), nap cocoon, cat hideaway, cat bed or cat house.

The Benefits of Cat Caves Made with Merino Wool

The latest wave of cat caves are made with merino wool. Every cat cave in the table below is made with merino wool. Why is that the case? There are lots of great things about merino wool including:

  • It’s lightweight so you will be able to move your cat pods around that house
  • Cats LOVE this all natural material. It’s not itchy
  • It’s naturally insulating which means it’s cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Merino wool is naturally antibacterial
  • Merino wool is easy to clean (albeit you need to wash by hand)
  • Can cuddle inside or be used as a padded mat
  • Merino wool doesn’t hold odors
  • No chemicals


Here’s a snapshot of some of the gorgeous cat cave brands on the market:

Brand Material Handmade Handwash only Warranty or Guarantee Color choices Size

Twin Critters Cat Cave Bed


100% all-natural New Zealand wool



Handmade in Nepal




Not stated


Blue Jay, Brown Pebble/Orange, Grey, Raw Fog


20 x 20 x 11 inches




ComfyCat Cave by CatGeeks


100% merino wool


Handmade by artisans in Nepal




6 months




“Large”. Fits Cats up to 20 lbs


19 x 19 x 12 inches


Features a 9″ Wide Entrance


Earthtone Solutions

Best Cat Cave Bed



Plush felted New Zealand wool


Handmade (does not state where)





1 year


Large range of colours (see link below to see them all) PLUS

Bonus USA grown organic catnip



11 x 17.5 x 4 in??


Kivikis Cat House/Bed/Cave




100% organic wool


Handmade by Kivikis (not stated where)


Instructions for gentle machine wash available


1 year


Birch green, dark gray, dark red, sand brown, sky blue, snow white


Medium for 4-6 kg (9-13 pounds) cat


Large (10-17 pounds) cat


Woolly Mammoth and Kitty Cat Cave Bed


100% natural felted Wool


Handmade by not stated where


Washing machine on wool setting and follow directions in our insert


“100% full guarantee”


Very large range of choices (click here to see all of those)


Various sizes available from medium, Large, speciality large and X-large



Posh Pets Wool Cat Cave

Natural felted merino wool Handmade by skilled artisans from all natural wool  



Not stated Grey with Pink (Volcano), Lime with Green (Pea in a Pod), Multi-Color (Jupiter),  Red with Black (Tomato), Teal with Black (Lagoon)


Approx. diameter of 20″ & an opening of around 9″


Front hole is approximately 7-8″



Cozy Cat Cave Bed



100% wool


Handcrafted in Nepal





Not stated


Dark grey/crème, light tan/green, grey/midnight blue, brown/crème



15.1 x 9.8 x 2.9 inches



Wool Cat Cave and Bed



100% premium organic New Zealand wool

Traditionally hand felted and embroidered then sun dried by Nepali artisans in the Himalayan valley of Kathmandu





Not stated


True Blue, Purple Rain and Orange Crush

PLUS a tin of Certified Organic Catnip




This company prides itself on the size of their cat pods. They are “Roomy and comfortable for the mightiest kitties!”

20 inches wide


We’ve created links to each brand referenced in the table above with a picture of just one (1) color in each range. There are many more colors on offer as outlined in the table above:

Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave (Large)

Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed (Large)


CatGeeks ComfyCat Cat Cave Large


Kittycentric Cozy Cat Cave Bed

Posh Pets Handmade Natural Wool Cave

Earthtone Solutions Cat Cave Bed

Kivikis Cat Bed

Woolly Mammoth and Kitty Cat Cave

Friendsheep Wool Cat Cave and Bed 

A quick word about the links provided above 

If you choose to purchase one of the cat caves above and you click on any of the links provided, CatPadz will receive a small contribution for that purchase. The product does not cost you any more money for doing so and we really appreciate the contribution it makes to our business.

A few CatPadz Cat Cave Hints and Tips

  • Most of these cat caves don’t come with a padded base. However its easy enough to throw your cat’s favorite cushions or blankets into the cat cave
  • Some people find that these cat caves are prone to “collapse” a little. Make sure you check out reviews for the exact brand and size before purchasing. In most cases reviewers comment that they are able to “reform” the cat pod by hand once they have washed the cat cave
  • For best results you will need to hand wash this type of cat pod. We know. That’s boring. So why are we suggesting it? A washing machine spin cycle may cause your cat cave to loose its shape more quickly.  Gently hand wash, rinse, reshape by hand and drip dry. This approach will ensure that the cat pod lasts a lot longer

So there you have it. Our run down of some of the best cat caves around. Adorable, eco friendly and a hit with so many cats around the world. What’s not to love?

We are tipping that you are going to have some trouble choosing just one of the cat caves listed here. We have definitely fallen in love with them. Happy cat cave shopping!

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