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  • Barista Cats New Zealand
  • Happy Cat Cafe Montreal
    Credit: Happy Cat Cafe Montreal
  • Cat Cafe San Diego
  • The Company of Cats Singapore
    Credit: The Company of Cats Singapore
  • Catmosphere Cafe Sydney
    Credit: Catmosphere Cafe Sydney
  • Catfe Vancouver
    Credit: Catfe
  • Denver Cat Company
    Credit: Denver Cat Company
  • Purringtons Cat Lounge, Portland
    Credit: Purringtons Cat Lounge
  • Cafe Chat Siberien, Quebec
    Credit: Cat Chat Siberien
  • Tot the Cat Cafe
    Credit: Tot the Cat Cafe
  • Cat Town Cafe Oakland
    Credit: Cat Town Cafe
  • Seattle Meowtropolitan
    Credit: Seattle Meawtropolitan
  • Moon Cat Cafe (Mobile)
    Credit: Moon Cat Cafe
  • Le Cat Cafe Philadelphia
    Credit: Le Cat Cafe
  • Catnip Cat Cafe
    Credit: Catnip Cat Cafe
  • Kittea Cat Cafe, San Fran
    Credit: Kittea Cat Cafe
  • Orlando Cat Cafe
    Credit: Orlando Cat Cafe
  • Crumbs and Whiskers LA
  • Brooklyn Cat Cafe
    Credit: Brooklyn Cat Cafe
  • Kone Cafe NYC
    Credit: Kone Cafe
  • Meow Parlour NYC
    Credit: Meow Parlour
  • Cat Cuddle Cafe
    Credit: Cat Cuddle Cafe
  • lucky cat cafe
    Credit: Cat Cafe Brisbane