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Black Friday Cat Tree Deals

Black Friday is one of the biggest retail shopping days of the entire year. Many retailers will be shouting their product sales, discounts, bonus deals, free delivery and more from the rooftops of their brick and mortar or online stores (figuratively speaking of course!).

Before giving you some great tips on making the most of the Black Friday sales for buying cat trees, pods, wall climbers, cat beds and other cat furniture, can we first say this. If you are going to take advantage of one of the many sales, offers and discounts available on the day, buy consciously. Really think about what your cat or cats need before you buy anything. Make sure that product is going to add value to your cat’s life in some way. It is too easy to sit on your couch and go on a virtual shopping spree. Don’t let this be you. Consider making a list of those products (if lists are your thing) and then track only those products to see if they go on sale.

As one of the largest online retailers, Amazon turns Black Friday into a sale festival of sorts. They offer deals from Friday November 17 right through until Monday 27 November. Not all products will be on sale at the same time. And sale prices offered might only be for a limited time (eg available for 24 hours only not for the whole 10 days).

Here are our 9 top tips for making the most of buying from Amazon on Black Friday (or should we say making the most out of the 10 day “Black Friday” sale):

  1. Consider becoming an Amazon Prime member. According to Cnet “You don’t need a Prime account to get free shipping through Amazon — you just have to meet a certain price threshold, which varies depending on what you buy. Even with free shipping, however, you’re looking at a delivery window of five to eight business days, and with the holidays approaching fast, free two-day shipping makes a big difference. Certain locations even have access to free 90-minute, two-hour or same-day delivery.”
  2. Even if you don’t think you’ll need free two-day shipping, many of the best deals are reserved for Prime members. You also get access to Black Friday deals 30 minutes before the general public
  3. Whilst there will be thousands of deals available on Black Friday, some offers can be found RIGHT now. It’s worth taking a quick look at some of the products you want to buy now as they may be on sale already
  4. Owners of an Alexa Speaker will get access to Black Friday deals early. It’s important to note that it doesn’t work with Alexa within the Amazon shopping app though. You’ll need an Amazon-brand speaker with Alexa to take advantage of the early deals access. If you happen to have an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap or Amazon Fire TV device you can ask “Alexa, what are your deals?”
  5. Amazon has an app which you can download and it allows you to “Watch a Deal”. It can alert you before the product you want to buy goes on sale. You can view many deals 24 hours in advance as well
  6. There is a browser plug in called Amazon Assistant. You can use it with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Microsoft Edge. It’s free and you can watch for product comparisons which will save you time and money
  7. If you are after a free Amazon price tracker consider CamelCamelCamel. It monitors a current deal price against what Amazon has charged in the past. This is super helpful when you are trying to work out if a deal is really a “deal”
  8. Did you know that even has coupons? Yep. Go to, click on the link at the top for “Today’s Deals”. You can click on “Coupons” which you will see in the menu of sub items
  9. Are you “app-less”? You don’t need fancy apps or websites to snag a good deal on Black Friday on Amazon. You can definitely go old style. Make a list now of the products you are considering to buy. Visit Amazon regularly across the day/10 day period on your device of choice to see if the price has reduced

Amazon also have a Buyer’s Guide with Black Friday tips available. It walks you through the ins and outs of shopping on Black Friday. Here’s a link if you want to have a quick look:

Buyers Guide Black Friday Tips

Cat Tree and other furniture discounts on Black Friday

CatPadz offers an extensive list of popular cat trees and other cat furniture.  When you are looking to purchase online either with Amazon or any other online retailer BEWARE OF COPY CAT cat tree and furniture products (pun intended!!).

There are many reputable brands in the marketplace including Vesper Cat Furniture, OllierooAmazonBasics, Go Pet Club, Furhaven, Armarkat and MidWest Homes for Pets to name just a few. But you will also notice that “copy cat” products appear on Amazon and other online websites at this time of year especially. Those products are often listed with dramatically lower prices than some of the major brands. Do your homework before you click the Buy button to ensure you are buying from reputable brands.

Feel free to head to our Products directory to see a range of cat furniture products that you may be interested in buying during the Black Friday sale on Amazon. We have included clickable links that will take you to Amazon so you can see the current price of those products.

Make no mistake, there will be some great deals available on Amazon and beyond on Black Friday. But really think about what you plan to purchase. Don’t fall into the trap of buying products your cat simply doesn’t need just because it seems like a price that is too good to resist.

We wish you every success in snagging some bargains for the cat in your life this Black Friday.

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