Best Cat Trees

Best Cat Trees

What to Look For in the Best Cat Trees

So you are ready to take the plunge and buy a cat tree. You have your head around the benefits of having one (click here to head over to our FAQ to refresh yourself on the many benefits of a cat tree). Now you have launched into a full blown web search of what’s out there and you are feeling slightly overwhelmed. There are A LOT of cat trees to choose from right? Let’s just step back for a minute to take a look at what the best cat trees incorporate.

Perches or landings – these should be stable and large enough for your cat to jump to safely, to sit on to view the world from afar or to take a cat nap on

Landing on one of the Armarkat Cat Trees

Houses or hide outs – these allow your cat to rest and sleep securely away from the many dangers of the big wide world

Hammocks or baskets – not all cat trees have hammocks and baskets but many cats really do love them. Cats really love to perch up high in them and lie in weird and wonderful ways on them. Baskets tend to have a soft liner in them. Hammocks and baskets are particularly popular when the cat tree is near to a window. This allows your cat can bask in the sun.

Ollieroo Cat Hammock on one of their cat trees

Made with solid materials – the best cat trees are robust and by robust we mean that they don’t wobble or feel unstable for your cat at any point. Your cat should be able to jump up onto the cat tree without any wobble. Moving around and lying down should also be possible without the tree moving. Even a small wobble means a big waste of money for you. Cats will be spooked by the cat tree if it gives any indication that it is not stable

Has liners that can be removed and washed if there are houses, hammocks or baskets incorporated into your cat tree, it is very helpful if the liners used on those features (usually soft fleece or faux fur) can be removed and washed

Has well made sisal cat scratchers incorporated – the best cat trees have sisal very securely attached to the scratching poles on the cat tree. Sisal fabric is generally accepted as the best material for cat scratchers as the fabric shreds better than the rope. There is also a risk that sisal in rope form can detach from the post and unravel.

Scratching Post on one of the PetFusion Cat Trees

Can we categorically define the best cat trees for each cat owner? Unfortunately we cannot. Each cat family is different. We hope that our checklist helps you to find the best cat tree for you and your cat’s specific needs. CP

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