Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

What is a large cat?

Cats come in all shapes and sizes. For the purpose of this article we are going to define a large cat as weighing more than 42 pounds (which is approx 9 kilograms).

Whatever the size of your cat, daily exercise, scratching, climbing, and sleeping are essential for their overall health and well being. Some cat furniture does not easily accommodate larger cats. Whilst your cat may be able to squeeze into a cat house that forms part of a cat tree or a cat condo, if the overall structure feels at all “wobbly” your large cat will not feel secure. When this is the case, your cat is unlikely to use the cat tree at all as it does not comfortably support their weight.

What is the Best Cat Tree for Large Cats?

When choosing, the best cat tree for large cats you need to keep the following points in mind:

1.Any platforms or perches incorporated in the cat tree must be able to support your large cat’s weight and size. That is, your large cat will not want to “overflow” on the platforms or perches that form part of the cat tree as that will make them feel safe.

2. Any houses incorporated in the cat tree must be large enough for your cat to get into. It is common for cat trees to have two houses – one larger one and one smaller one. If you have a large cat or cats, you will need to measure the  dimensions of those housings to make sure you cat can get into and out of them relatively easily. Any holes and tunnels also need to be able to carry both the weight of your cat and of course the size of your cat to fit in them.

3. Any baskets or hammocks incorporated into the cat tree must be able to hold the weight of your cat or cats. Just like perches or platforms, they need to be able to hold your cat’s whole body without feeling as though their limbs are “overflowing”. This sensation is unlikely to allow your cat to feel secure enough to use the basket or hammocks.

4. The stories of the cat tree need to be far enough apart to provide a challenge for your cat as they climb the cat tree. If landings, platforms,perches and ladders are very close together, your large cat will not be challenged enough and is unlikely to get the exercise they need when they are exploring the cat tree

Cat Padz recommends the 5 cat tree models below as the best cat trees for large cats

  1. Vesper Cat Furniture, V High Base by Vesper

This contemporary cat tree incorporates 2 platforms and a hideaway (or cube cave as Vesper call it). This unit is in walnut but there are other finishes on the cat trees offered by Vesper.

Click here to head to our Cat Tree category to see more cat trees offered by Vesper Cat Furniture and other companies.

2. New Cat Condos Premier Large Cat Play Tree

This large cat tree is made with solid wood and with a plush household grade carpet (which means it is great for cleaning). The perches are designed for larger cats which offer great viewing points from an elevated vertical position which cats love.

3. Armakat Cat Tree Condo 50-inch to 60 inch

You will certainly need to be open to embracing this cat tree in your home. It is Large (yes with a captial L). As you can see from the picture below this cat tree certainly fits in the Best Cat Tree for Large Cats category. The Armakat Cat Tree Condo comes in a range of sizes with heights ranging from 50 inch to 60 inch in height.

Click here to head to our Cat Trees category to see this cat tree and others offered by Armakat at well.

4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo 72 inch

This is another cat tree that most certainly fits in the Best Cat Tree for large Cats category.  This unit stands 72 inches high  and comes with 2 houses and 3 perches. It can hold up to 68 lbs so your large cat will feel right and home in this cat tree and you can be confident it will be sturdy enough for your cat or cats to play, sleep and scratch on.

Go Pet Club offer a range of other cat trees in a variety of colours. Click here to head to our Cat Trees category to check out some of those cat trees.

Click here to head to our Cat Trees section to see this cat tree and others offered by Go Pet Club.

5. Kitty Mansions Beverly Hills Cat Tree

Nothing says Best Cat Tree for Large Cats better than a cat tree that includes the word “Mansions” in its title! This cat tree, sorry mansion, has 2 cat houses and 3 high perches.  The small house is 12 inches by 12 inches. and the larger one is 12 inches X 24 inches.

Click here to see more details about the Kitty Mansions Beverley Hills cat tree and to see other cat trees perfect for your large cat in our Cat Trees category.

In another article we recommend a range of cat trees for owners of Maine Coon cats. Given the size of Maine Coon cats, our recommendations in that article are relevant for other breeds of large cats also. You can read our blog post here Cat Trees for Maine Coon cats.

The cat trees referenced in this article are not the only large cat trees on the market. If you choose a cat tree that fits the criteria outlined in the section above titled Best Cat Trees for Large Cats, you will find other cat trees in the marketplace that meet your large cat’s needs.

What has been the best cat tree for your large cat? We would love to hear your feedback so that the Cat Padz community can benefit from your experience. CP

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