Best Cat Tree for Maine Coon

Best Cat Tree for Maine Coon cats

What is the Best Cat Tree for Maine Coon cats?

Maine Coon cat characteristics

Maine Coon Cats are amongst the largest of cat breeds. You are probably reading this article because you own a Maine Coon but indulge us, whilst we just give a quick overview of the wonderful characteristics of this gorgeous cat breed. Feel free to skip over the next 2 paragraphs if you would like to see our suggested cat trees for Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coons are active, playful, nimble, gentle and affectionate. They are an intelligent breed and can get up to some mischief as well – what a unique combination of traits. Some Maine Coons display kitten like behaviour when they are fully grown. And talking of fully grown, Maine Coon cats can be very long and very heavy.  Males can weigh between 12 lbs and 20lbs (or 5-10kg) reaching full weight around 4 or 5 years of age. This cat breed has thick soft hair, with short hair on the shoulders and long on the belly. Tufts of hair on their ears and snowshoe like paws. Maine Coon cats are strong and muscular.

Just because Maine Coon cats are large cats that does not stop them from being indoor cats. They will happily stay inside especially if they have a companion cat or an owner who is around to play with them. Maine Coon cats are great companions for families with kids, dogs, singles and first time pet owners. In fact they are ranked as one of the 10 most popular breeds to own. Maine Coons need lots of cat toys and some interactive play as by nature they like to hunt and require stimulation.

Best Maine Coon cat tree characteristics

Cat trees provide significant benefit for both the physical and mental health of your Maine Coon cat. If you want to learn more about why cat trees are beneficial for cats feel free to click here to read our FAQs which covers the many benefits of cat trees.

When looking for pet furniture for this gorgeous long haired cat you will most certainly need furniture that properly supports their weight and their length. Many cat trees, condos, window perches and contemporary cat furniture are made for small to medium size cats. A significant amount of online forums specifically focussed on Maine Coon cats suggest that many products on the market are simply not big enough or sturdy enough to support Maine Coons. But do not despair, we have researched a range of cat trees and other cat furniture that comes recommended by Maine Coon cat lovers around the world.

In summary you need to source cat trees for your Maine Coon cat (and other furniture) that:

  1. Support the full weight of your Maine Coon cat without causing the cat tree to wobble
  2. Accommodate the length of your cat. Large perches are best given Maine Coon cats are typically very long and having their limbs dangle will not make them feel safe and secure. U shape perches often feel more supportive for Maine Coon cats
  3. Are constructed with enough distance between perches and levels so that your Maine Coon gets enough exercise and challenge when using the cat tree
  4. Is made of materials that are easily cleaned. With such long hair, your Maine Coon cat may shed hair on the cat tree so you will need to be able to clean platforms, perches and in baskets and houses/condos easily
  5. Are able to accommodate more than one cat for those in a multi-Maine Coon family
  6. Has a large base which makes your cat tree more stable so that it won’t topple over with the weight of your Maine Coon cat

What is the Best Cat Tree for Maine Coon cats?

Three of the most popular large traditional cat trees for Maine Coon cats include:

1. Armakat 75 inch (and Up) Cat Tree Furniture Condo

This cat tree incorporates 2 condos and 3 perches into its design. It has a maximum holding weight of 60lbs which will work for a multi-Maine Coon cat household as well. You will need to assemble this cat tree but its’ construction is very straight forward.

Click on this link to see the range of Armakat Cat trees that will hold Maine Coon cats with maximum a hold weight of 60lbs to 80lbs.

2. Molly and Friends 86 inch Pinnacle Extra-Large Cat Tree

This cat tree incorporates large beds and resting areas. It has 5 curved rest areas and 2 cat houses (one at the bottom and one at the top). This cat tree is also suitable for multi-Maine Coon cat families.

We’ve sourced reviews from Maine Coon cat families for this model. Maine Coon cat families with two “15 pounder” Maine Coon cats have confirmed that their cats fit in the beds of this cat tree and the rest areas well. In fact, even two cats wrestling on this Molly and Friends cat tree don’t send this cat tree toppling over.

This Molly and Friends cat tree comes assembled. It’s handmade, non modular and made from solid pine poles which means that it is really sturdy.

Make sure you measure this cat tree up to make sure it will fit in your home, particularly your ceiling height

3. Go Pet Club 72 inch High Cat Tree Condo

This cat tree incorporates 3 perches and 2 condos. It also has 10 posts covered in sisal rope. Maine Coon cat owners have confirmed that this cat tree can holds cats of 10lbs and 20lbs with another glowing review from a Maine Coon cat family of 3 cats weighing nearly 20lbs each.

Assembly is required for this cat tree but it is commonly reviewed as easy to assemble.

Three of the most popular large contemporary cat trees for Maine Coon cats

We look forward to showcasing a range of contemporary cat trees here at Cat Padz. New cat tree styles and designs are starting to pop up around the globe which is great news for those looking for more contemporary cat furniture in their homes. The volume of reviews in the marketplace is currently limited as these new products are in the early days of being purchased, tried and tested.

1.The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

This cat tree has a weighted base so your Maine Coon won’t tip this cat tree over. It has removable carpet which means you can wash it – we love that! It also houses soft cushions with washable faux suede covers – that’s great too!

Non show stopper Cons

OK, so there is a slight catch with this cat tree. It comes in around 20 parts – yep, we know that’s quite a lot. But if you can find your inner Ikea Flat Pack builder skills, we think you will enjoy this cat tree as much as your cat tree once you have it built.

 2. Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree

There are only a small number of reviews around for this contemporary cat tree (in comparison to the traditional cat tree models above) but a few Maine Coon cat owners have suggested this cat tree works really for their Maine Coon cats. One three cat family, with one 20 pound Maine Coon as part of their cat clan, says this cat tree is fantastic. They’ve suggested that a 13lbs Maine Coon will fit in the condo and 12-13 pounder will easily sleep on top of this unit as well

Non show stopper Cons

Well it’s not a show stopper if you have some patience with putting things together. The largest complaint with this cat tree seems to be that some people struggle to put this unit together, or some small screws etc may be missing. Of course you should take this into account when considering this cat tree but we think that the gorgeous design is worth the time it takes to work through these issues.

3. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher and Lounge

OK so our third suggestion in this category is more of a cat lounge and scratcher than a cat tree but it is most certainly something a Maine Coon can rest, sleep and generally luxuriate on (at your cat’s full length!) beautifully. Why shouldn’t your Maine Coon have a stylish and refined space to relax?

Cat owners of large cats are applauding the design and space of this scratcher and lounge. 15lb to 20lbs Maine Coons can lounge of this with lots of room to spare. Another reports that their 20lbs cat scratches at it and it doesn’t budge (although two large cats trying to knock each other off it to have a turn may!). This scratcher and lounge is worth fighting for!

With dimensions of 33.5 inches long, 10.5 inches high and 10.5 inches wide there should be plenty of room for your Maine Coon beauties on this one.

PetFusion also offer a larger model called the PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher and Lounge which is another option for super large Main Coon cats. Click here to see that model.


So there you have it Maine Coon cat lovers. We hope these cat tree suggestions made by Maine Coon cat lovers from all over the world provide you with some ideas for the best cat tree for your Maine Coon cat (or cats!).

A quick comment about using weights at the bottom of your cat tree. Many people report using weights at the bottom of their cat tree to ensure the stability of their cat tree for their Maine Coon cats. Some taken on the “war against the wobble” by placing heavy bags of kitty litty, pavers, compressed fiberboard and the like at the base of the cat tree. A more permanent solution is to source a cat tree with a nice wide base unit. A nice wide base means that the cat tree will have greater stability which provides peace of mind for your cat…and for you! Alternatively some units can be bolted to the wall to secure it. That is most certainly the more permanent of solutions!

To see more cat trees like those mentioned in this article, click here to head to our cat trees category.

We would love to hear from you if you currently have a cat tree that your Maine Coon adores. Share the love with the Cat Padz community by leaving a Comment in the section below. CP

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