Best Cat Scratching Post

Best Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Posts – Your furniture’s favourite friend!

No one loves coming home from work to find that your favorite furniture piece has become your cat’s favorite scratcher! With so many cat scratchers on the market how do you decide which type of cat scratcher is going to work best for you and your cat?

In this article we look at the most common cat scratching surfaces and the most common cat scratching furniture positions (flat, angled and wall mounted).

Cat Scratcher Surfaces

Sisal fabric Sisal rope Carpet Cardboard
Generally accepted as the best material Popular choice Some cat experts suggest carpet may confuse cats (they may then scratch other carpet in your home Low cost
Sheds better than rope sisal If it’s not connected properly it can unravel Lasts longer SUPER enjoyable for your cat
Can look a little messy after a bit of use Doesn’t tear apart Messy!
Can be a little rough and might irritate your cat’s paws The least messy option


Cat Scratcher Angles

Cat scratchers come in a range of angles. The best way to work out what might suit your cat best is to observe your cat to see how they most commonly scratch. If your cats tend to scratch your carpet then they are likely to like a horizontal scratcher. Those cats that tend to scratch things up high on their hind legs may prefer a wall mounted scratching post. There are some cat scratchers can be placed in different positions which will add variety for your cat if they are prone to get bored and you need to change things up a little.

5 CatPadz Quick Cat Scratcher Tips

  1. Find a scratcher that will allow your cat to stretch. The scratching pole, post or lounge needs to be the right height for your cat. For larger cats that means you will want to find a scratching post that is tall enough for them to really stretch out. Some cat trees and condos have a range of cat scratching posts that form part of the foundation of the cat tree. However a lot of those scratching posts may be very difficult and awkward for your larger cat to use
  2. Sturdiness should be a key priority. If your cat puts a little weight on the post and it falls over or wobbles a lot, your cat is unlikely to use it.  Look for a cat scratcher with a wide, heavy base
  3. If your cat doesn’t seem interested in their scratcher it may be because they don’t like the material it is made from. Consider choosing another material from the table above
  4. If you are a multi cat family it is likely that you will need a scratcher for each cat. Cats may use the cat scratcher to mark their territory and that means that your cat scratchers cannot be shared
  5. Giving your cat a treat after he or she uses the cat scratcher will encourage them to use it more

Here is a top seller in each cat scratcher angle type

Top Upright Cat Scratcher

SmartCat Pioneer – The Ultimate Scratching Post

Material: Sisal

Top Wall Mounted Cat Scratcher

Material – Sisal

SmartCat Bootsie’s Three-In-One Cat Scratcher

Top Vertical Cat Scratcher 

Material: Corrugated cardboard

PetFusion 3-sided Vertical Cat Scratcher and Post 

Top Flat Cat Scratcher

Material: corrugated cardboard 

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

Here’s some other very well regarded Cat Scratcher options to consider:

PetFusion Modern Cat Activity Tree & Scratching Post

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

MidWest Homes for Pets Forte Scratching Post

PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratcher and Post

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge 

Molly and Friends Bed On Top Of A 27″ Sisal Wrapped Scratching Post

Trixie Pet Products Pepino Scratching Post

Trixie Pet Products Baza Cat Tree (has two scratching posts included in its design)

Trixie Pet Products Parla Scratching Post

Want to see more options? Head to our Cat Scratchers category for more inspiration.

Does your cat have a favorite cat scratcher or maybe you’ve discovered a great way to get your cat to use it. Share your feedback in the Comments section below. 

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