Best Cat Tower

Best Cat Towers

What’s a Cat Tower?

A Cat Tower is really another name for a Cat Tree. Cat Trees and Cat Towers play a really important role in your cat’s life. This is a place in your home where your cat can climb, play, scratch and sleep in a vertical space safely and confidently.  To learn more about Cat Trees also known as Cat Towers, click here to head to our FAQ.

Best Cat Towers

In our opinion, the best cat towers are those that have the following characteristics:

  1. They are sturdy and well made – many tall cat towers are made with flimsy materials. This can mean that the cat towers are wobbly. A wobbly cat tower is not what you want for your cat. They simply will not use the cat tower if this is the case and then you have a large piece of cat furniture in your home collecting dust…and taking up a lot of room.
  2. They offer multiple options for your cat – the best cat towers have somewhere for your cat to sleep (perhaps a perch or a house), an area to scratch (such as an inbuilt cat scratcher) and some way to climb from “branch to branch” (either by jumping or via a ramp). Some cat towers are 3 or 4 “stories” and can be as tall as 6 foot. Multiple levels and platforms allow your cat to climb, jump and play which are essential activities for your cat’s wellbeing.

Click here to head to our Best Cat Trees article to read the 5 key components we think every Cat Tower should have

Our Top 3 Best Cat Towers list:

There are hundreds of Cat Towers to choose from. Here we list just 3 that tower above the rest. By that we literally mean, the tallest, most popular and most stable cat towers we would recommend:

  1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Standing at 72 inches in height this Cat Tower manages to incorporate 2 cat houses, 2 ramps, an impressive 10 scratching posts, play areas and 3 perches right at the top of the cat tower. Just in case that is not impressive enough, it also has 2 toy mice to play with – now what cat wouldn’t be at home in this Cat Tower?

Click here for more details or to BUY FROM AMAZON

2.  Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

If the Cat Tower above is not tall enough for your feline friend (or friends, because let’s be honest, this Cat Tower has enough room for lots of cats), then you could consider this Cat Tower by Armarkat. Standing at over 75 inches tall, this Cat Tower includes 1 cat house, 9 scratching posts, 2 perches (although there is also a third platform which is just like a perch) and 1 play area with rope. As you will see from the picture below this cat tower can easily fit 3 cats and has a maximum holding weight of 70 pounds.

Click here for more details or to BUY FROM AMAZON

3. The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

We have included a more modern Cat Tower in our top 3 list as an option with a more contemporary style and design. This Cat Tower has 1 cat house, 2 platforms and 1 perch right at the top of the tower.  It also has a sisal pad which is great for scratching and carpet that is attached with velcro so it can be removed and cleaned. This Cat Tower can easily accommodate more than one cat.

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So there you have it, our Top 3 Best Cat Towers for you to think about. If none of these take your fancy click here to see more Cat Towers you might be interested in.

Have you got one of the 3 Cat Towers mentioned above? Do you love it? We would love to hear your feedback. CP  





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