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10 Top Cat Scratchers – New cat scratchers on the block to watch

You may have noticed something a little exciting. Cat furniture is starting to step up. New designs and materials are shaking things up a little in the cat furniture market. Many conservative and practical furniture solutions are being overshadowed by those with a modern aesthetic and contemporary styling. Top cat scratchers are an online click away.

Each cat furniture category seems to be getting a style make over; cat trees, cat pods and beds, wall climbers, window perches and scratchers are key areas where we are seeing new and innovative designs for the cats in your life.

What’s on the cat scratcher furniture horizon?

It is really important to remember that style is not everything when it comes to cat furniture.  Whilst some contemporary styles may look great in your home, they will quickly be relegated to the basement if your feline friends don’t find them functional! It is very easy for us to monitor cat furniture performance when there is significant reviewer feedback available.

For some new brands, reviewer feedback is not as easy to come by. However CatPadz likes to support cat furniture brands trying to offer new products. That is why we have rounded up of some of the latest cat scratchers hitting the market. User reviews and feedback are a little thin on the ground right now but we think that the cat scratching products below are ones to watch.

10 cat scratchers on the block to watch

Check out the Durable Cat Scratcher Lounge by Bone and Yarn 

It’s early days for this cat scratcher lounge by Bone and Yarn, but initial reviews are very positive.  Reviewers are reporting this is a durable option that cats are really warming too. A couple of people have commented that it’s a little smaller than they first thought so make sure you measure up your cat against the scratcher lounge before purchasing!

Here’s a few photos of the Cat Scratcher Lounge by Bone and Yarn:

Bone and Yarn has another similar product that is getting great reviews as well. It’s the Durable and reversible Cat Scratcher: the scratcher flips over and can be used on an incline or as a flat scratcher. This cat scratcher comes with catnip and a 100% no regrets return policy. Reviewers are loving the reversible nature of this scratcher. Again measure dimensions carefully as this may not suit a larger cat.

Here’s a few photos of the reversible cat scratcher by Bone and Yarn:

4 Claws is another contemporary range of cat scratchers we are keeping an eye on. Their line of scratchers come in a variety of styles including:

4Claws Wall Mounted Scratching Post 25″

This is a great option for cats that like to do their scratching upright! This stylish piece won’t stand out like a sore thumb in your home. There have been a few references to the double sided tape being a little tricky to use to ensure that the scratcher adheres to the wall well but overall it seems to be a crowd pleaser.

4Claws Curve Scratching Pad

This scratcher is great for cats who would normally claw at your carpet. Yep, that old chestnut. Offering your cat a horizontal scratching option should deter them from pulling at your carpet (although this is obviously not an iron clad guarantee). This scratcher may slide around a little if you have a very enthusiastic cat so consider buying a non-slip material and attach that to its base.  Make sure you measure up the dimensions of this unit – some say it is not as big as it looks in the picture (see picture below).

4Claws Scratching Lounge and Bed

The scratching lounge and bed is another design winner in the 4Claws range (see picture below). Some find it a little narrow but the cat community seem to be embracing this option well. One word of warning though, don’t let it get wet and be aware that the shredded cardboard does pull apart all over the place but hey, that’s the drill with cardboard scratchers.

4Claws Flat Scratching Pad

This little number is very inconspicuous. Great for those families looking for something “minimalist” in nature. Again a non-slip material on the bottom of this should ensure it doesn’t move across the floor too much. Some find this a little expensive for what it is, but sometime you have to pay for style! As with the curve scratching pad above, this is great for cats who love to scratch horizontally – which usually means they would otherwise be scratching your carpet.

4Claws Incline Scratching Pad

Style icons rejoice. How cool does this scratching pad look? Some are saying this scratcher is smaller than they though based on the photo (see below). Be sure to measure up carefully. It’s a little light weight and can move around a little if you have a particularly enthusiastic cat so again, non-slide material on the bottom would be well worth considering.

Some feel the image used suggests a large cat can use this but in fact it is probably better for smaller cats.

4Claws Round Scratching Bed

Now this is something a little different and we love it. So do the many people raving about this round scratcher and bed. Nothing better than cat furniture that allows your cat to take a nap in the most adorable positions. There will be some great insta posts of gorgeous felines tucked into this bed and scratcher for sure. Be mindful that the cost of the replacement pad is almost as much as the scratching bed itself.

At this stage it looks as though the Wall Mounted Scratching Post is the most popular 4Claws product but the whole range of cat scratching products are getting very good reviews. We like the 4Claws scratching range because:

  • the styling is understated and contemporary
  • the furniture is 100% recyclable and made from recycled cardboard
  • the construction is sturdy
  • the cat furniture is visually unobtrusive

The only downer is that you cannot buy replacement pads for some of their scratchers. A small number of reviewers have found the 4Claws  Wall Mounted Scratching Post a little difficult to mount and a few have commented that it is thinner than they had expected. We encourage you to make sure you thoroughly check dimensions of all cat furniture before purchasing. Making assumptions or guessing based on product photos can lead to frustration when a product arrives if you haven’t measured it up correctly or at all.

Cat 1st Necoichi Cat-headed Scratcher Bed

This scratcher and bed is for petite felines according to reviewer feedback (see the image below). Those with larger cats (someone referenced that they have an 11 pounder) say that this does not comfortably fit their cat. In saying that, reviewers by the cat load are raving that their cats have taken to this unique piece of cat furniture very well. It’s sturdy and given it is not massive you could even have a couple of these in your home if you are a multi cat family.

MushroomCat Cat Face Ultimate Scratcher Lounge Bed

This is a winner in our eyes for a small cat or a kitten. Definitely measure up well as some reviewers are suggesting it feels a lot smaller than it looks in the picture of the product (see image below). It definitely wins the prize for adorability. Remember that when cat furniture is made out of cardboard it is very light so depending on how excited your cat gets with their scratching. this unit may move around of your floor a little.

We will continue to showcase up and coming brands in the cat furniture market. It is great to see new and innovative products in the cat furniture space.

5 CatPadz Hints and Tips for Cat Scratchers

  1. Measure, measure and measure again. Don’t make assumptions about the size of cats that can use products based on the photos of cats in cat furniture shots. Grab your tape measure and get a sense for the ACTUAL size so you are sure the product is suitable for the size of your cat or cats
  2. Scratchers are a messy business. Sure, some are less messy than others but lots of cat scratchers are made from cardboard which, at the end of the day is going to end up on your floor. When buying a cardboard scratcher be prepared to make very good friends with your vacuum cleaner
  3. Cat nip can be a great way to encourage your cat to use a cat scratcher. Sometimes companies will send you some cat nip with your cat furniture. Other companies infuse the catnip into the product directly. On the flip side, if you are not a fan of catnip, always check to see if the catnip is infused so you can avoid those specific cat furniture products accordingly
  4. Consider some cat scratcher “hacks”. Some cat scratcher products are not super heavy. Have a think about how you might be able to (safely) overcome small movement issues. For example, if the cat scratcher is prone to slide around on your floor, consider lining the bottom of the cat scratcher with a non-slip material
  5. In a multi cat family you may need more than one cat scratcher. Cats have scent glands on the pads of their feet, and scratching is a way that cats mark their territory. If you have more than one cat you may need to purchase a cat scratcher for each especially if your cats are particularly territorial.

What new cat scratching products have you tried lately? We’d love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below.

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